Welcome to First Contact, 2051: Dark Globe.

Dark Globe is a game about an unprepared Earth that is suddenly connected to a galactic society of very scientifically and culturally advanced and very alien civilizations. The game takes place in the near future, the 22nd century; this is not a game where you necessarily get to fly space ships freely through an unknown galaxy. It’s not that those kinds of adventures are possible in Dark Globe, but the focus is on a more complex theme. You will get to delve into the wonders of truly alien cultures and experience how human kind is affected by them.

The core theme of the game is the contrast between keeping the human identity versus being swept up in a furious storm of change and transformation. Concretely, the players will take on roles of people who are involved in this wave of change; there are some recommended ways of experiencing the galaxy of Dark Globe, but the setting allows for unlimited combinations concerning what the players can do in the game.

First Contact 2051